Amplifier FAQs

For Discussing output amplifiers such as 23XX line.
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Amplifier FAQs

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Below are few amplifier FAQs that I come across frequently.

What is the maximum voltage the amplifiers can provide?

Model 2340 / 2350 can provide 400 Vpk-pk (+ 200 Vpk).

I am in need of higher currents than higher voltages, is there an amplifier you can provide?

Model 2348 is designed for high current applications. It can provide up to 750 mA of output current with 50 Vpk-pk (+ 25 Vpk).

What is the difference between model 2340 and 2350?

2340 is a single channel unit while 2350 comes with dual channels.

Can I use your amplifier with a signal generator (not TEGAM) I already own?

TEGAM amplifiers are compatible with any signal generator that can drive 50 Ω impedance.

Is it possible to adjust the gain?

It is not possible to adjust the gain. But special gains from x1 to x100 can be ordered.

What factors should I consider while selecting an amplifier for my application?

Please refer to the following application note which talks about the requirements.

Can I use this amplifier with capacitive loads?

If the component is mainly capacitive, the resistive part is negligible as compared to Xc (capacitive reactance). The impedance decreases with increase in the frequency or capacitance value. The amplifier tries to amplify but it fails as its demand for more current exceeds the amplifier rating. e.g. for a 1 µF capacitive load, we can get 50 V at 800 Hz without distortion. Please refer to the following application note for more details.

I have a specific application where your amplifier might work, how can I find out more?

Please email Amit Sabnis ( or call 440-466-6100 with your application details to speak with our applications engineer.
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