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General Information / Rules

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This forum is for creation of topics for discussion of TEGAM products and services. Use of the forum requires registration. This forum is open to posting by registered users, but it will be moderated. Postings containing profanity, misleading statements, attacks, or anything that does not contribute to an open and professional interchange of ideas will be removed as soon as it is noticed.

This forum is not for requesting technical support, inquiry about order status, etc. Please contact TEGAM by e-mail or telephone for direct support.

The content of this forum is partially available to unregistered "Guests", however to download attached file content or to make a posting, registration is required.

Registrants who do not give their real name in the "Real Name" box will probably be deleted. Registrants who register from IP addresses that have caused SPAM problems or improper posts in the past will probably be deleted.
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