1750 Microohmmeter FAQs

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1750 Microohmmeter FAQs

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These are few 1750 FAQs that I come across frequently.

How often should the 1750 be calibrated?

We recommend calibration interval of 12 months to achieve rated accuracy.

Are there any internal adjustments needed for calibration?

The model 1750 can be digitally calibrated from the front panel and requires no internal adjustments.

Can I perform the calibration with half scale standards?

No. You’ll have to use a set of full scale standards for the 1750 calibration. For example, for a 2 mΩ range use of a 1 mΩ standard is not recommended.

Can I measure coil resistance using the 1750?

It is possible to measure coil resistance by adding a capacitor across the 1750 leads. The value of the capacitor depends on the inductance level. But if the inductance is really high, it distorts the 1750s test signal making the measurement impossible. Please refer to this application notefor more details.

What is the maximum lead length I can get?

Currently the maximum lead length available is 7 ft.The part number for it is 17501-7

Does 1750 measure using a 4 wire configuration?

Yes, the meter measurement makes use of 4 wire (Kelvin) technique where 2 wires are used to supply current excitation and the other 2 are sensing the voltage across the DUT thus eliminating the voltage drop across connecting wires.

What is the accuracy, resolution, and measurement time of the 1750?

The 1750 has 100 nΩ resolution with 0.02% basic accuracy and 10 msec measurement time. Please refer to the 1750 datasheet for more information.

What communication interfaces are provided with the unit?

Standard GPIB (IEEE 488), RS232, or RS422 user-selectable interfaces are standard communications for all 1750 units.

Can 1750 be used in a standard 19” rack?

Two 1750 units are able to be rack mounted, side-by-side, in a standard 19” rack without modification to the 1750 case.

Are there any optional accessories available?

There are lots of different accessories available to choose from depending on your application needs. Visit 1750 Accessory Sheet for more information.

Is a LabVIEW driver available for the 1750?

Yes, a LabVIEW driver can be downloaded from http://www.tegam.com/product.asp?modelN ... esources=1

Please email Amit Sabnis (asabnis@tegam.com) or call 440-466-6100 with your application details to speak with our applications engineer.
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