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Post by jecisg »

I have a procedure in Met/Cal that controls the PRT-73. I am having an issue where the program stops with SRQ on a PRT-73 command line, however, its not consistent. I will run a set of code that resets unit, sets 2.5V range, and sets various ratios. I have had the program run with no stoppage. I will run again, and unit will stop on some lines that it successfully executed before. I will advance and it may execute rest of procedure with no SRQ. I am looking for any advice or tips on IEEE control in Met/Cal. Thanks.


Post by csperrazza »

Hi Joe,

Are you running the MET/CAL script in Debug mode or are you building a PXE and running from that? Do you see errors in both?

I have found the best way to debug something like this is to set up a debug script. Simply set up a script of the commands you use and put them in a loop (Say 100 iterations). Run it in debug mode, but also build a PXE and run that ass well. Do you see the error?

Another question I have is are you capturing the SRQ? If so what specific command causes the SRQ, and what SRQ do you get back? If you clear the SRQ will it continue?

Typically when I see an issue like this with any piece of equipment it tends to be a timing issue. That's why I asked about PXE mode. Debug mode has inherent timing pauses that PXE mode does not.

However thinking of the PRT-73, I can't imagine any application that is looking to rapidly change parameters.

I will wait for your reply and we can move forward with the debug process.
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