Connector Pinout

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Connector Pinout

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The pinout of the large, round connector on the front panel, is:

Pin Signal

01 Compensation Channel (2) Sense -
02 Compensation Channel (2) Sense +
03 Compensation Channel (2) Force -
04 Compensation Channel (2) Analog Floating Ground
05 Compensation Channel (2) Force +
06 N/C
07 N/C
08 N/C
09 N/C
10 RF Channel (1) Force +
11 RF Channel (1) Analog Floating Ground
12 RF Channel (1) Force -
13 RF Channel (1) Sense +
14 RF Channel (1) Sense -

Note that the housing of the connector is tied to the 1830A Chassis, But that the two "Analog Floating Grounds" are isolated from each other, And also from chassis.

This means that the shields at the end of the cable should NOT be terminated to any other equipment unless the consequences of connecting the 1830A's floating grounds to something are well considered. The 1830A has internal circuitry that drives the voltage midpoint between S+ and S- to the level of the floating ground. Therefore connecting the shields to any part of the RF circuit is likely to cause erroneous readings. During the calibration procedure, the shields are used during one step to provide a return path for the drift currents from the input amplifier.

A cable is available from TEGAM that simplifys creation of custom hookups. CA-9-48 provides the mating connector already properly connected to four feet of appropriate cable, as shown in the attached drawing.
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